About Praia Bitcoin

Praia Bitcoin experiment, founded in 2021, year 12 after Satoshi, built the foundation of a local economy based on Bitcoin in the village of Jericoacoara, 300km from the capital Cear√°.

From its earliest days, Bitcoin has promised to allow us to bank the unbanked and return the power of governments and financial institutions back to the individual. However, until recently, this promise remained elusive. Finally, it’s happening in Jericoacoara!”

Fernando Motolese

Founder of Praia Bitcoin

Bitcoin Beach Brazil Trajectory

September 2021

Praia Bitcoin micro payment experiment is founded in Jericoacoara by Fernando Motolese, inspired by Bitcoin Beach.
0.02 BTC donated by Motolese to the residents of the community.

October 2021

Local Lightning Network node is installed and first establishment starts accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in Jericoacoara Village. All achievements are published on @BitcoinBeachBR’s Twitter and Instagram, and the codes on the github repository.

May 2022

Bitcoin Beach from El Zonte, goes on to support the Bitcoin Beach Jericoacoara project and donates 0.1 BTC to fix the computers at the Jericoacoara municipal school.

August 2022

Thanks to another donation of 0.1 BTC from Bitcoin Beach, we have distributed to the students and teachers of the Municipal School of Jericoacoara approximately 400 kits with T-shirts, squeezes, safes, and paper wallets with 1000 SATs.

September 2022

Vinicius Kinczel from Satoshi’s word channel donates 0.35 to purchase new servers, custom NFC cards, and to develop the first Bitcoin-only machine.

Bitcoin Beach makes a donation of 0.4 and crowdfunding campaign reaches 1.21 BTC with a total of 525 donations.

October 31, 2022

Students and teachers at the Jericoacoara Municipal School receive Bitcoin debit cards loaded with 2000 SATs, with a printed guide developed in collaboration with Bitcoin Jungle Costa Rica.

November 2022

Fernando Motolese presents a project at Adopt Bitcoin in El Salvador, defends the use of the Bolt Card, and donates a machine to Bitcoin Beach, as well as seventy bolt cards and a machine to Bitcoin Ekasi.

Bitcoin Beach won the award offered by Blockchain for Humanity during LaBitconf Argentina for the greatest social impact project in the crypto world.

December 2022

We sell approximately 6 thousand fruits for 10 SATs each to the students and teachers of the Municipal School of Jericoacoara with the machine, the school server and the Bolt Card go viral on the Internet and the BITCOIN BANANA DAY is born.

Vinicius Kinczel moves to Jericoacoara to expand Bitcoin adoption in the Village and to join the Bitcoin Beach team.

Bitcoin Beach buys 100 PraiaPay machines for El Salvador.

January 2023

Begins implementation of the Praia Bitcoin payment system and the Bitcoin machine in 21 merchants.

Bitcoin Beach donates 0.5 BTC to sponsor Carnaval Bitcoin Beach Jericoacoara that will leave a legacy for local residents and tourists


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