Carnival Praia Bitcoin 2023

Join the First Bitcoiner Carnaval, a conference on Bitcoin adoption in practice from February 18 to 21 in Jericoacoara Village, Ceará!

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What to expect from the conference?

We will open the doors of Jericoacoara for a meeting with big names in the Bitcoin community, an unprecedented experience in the first Bitcoin Circular Economy in Brazil to achieve the following goals.

Bitcoin opening the doors to paradise

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the future of Bitcoin payments at the next carnival in Jericoacoara!

  • Come watch lectures and workshops
  • Participate in outings and social gatherings
  • Pay with Bitcoin at Merchants
  • Learn to use Bitcoin in practice
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Buy your ticket

All income supported by ticket sales, support, and sponsorships will be accounted for in Praia Bitcoin’s crowdfunding campaign and will be used to defray event production expenses, transportation, accommodation, and food for speakers, volunteers, and collaborators.

Only 60 tickets available for tourists

The event will be held at the Municipal School of Jericoacoara from 1pm to 6pm from February 18 to 21, 2023.


Advance ticket until 02/11
with 50% discount

Minors with the Bolt Card do not pay admission.
Rides only included in the vip ticket

Ticket for resident
0.000021 BTC
2,100 SATs
4 day ticket
Access to lectures
1 Bolt Card
1 Paper Wallet
89 entries available?
Tourist Ticket
0.005 BTC
500,000 SATs
4 day ticket
Access to lectures
1 Bolt Card
1 Paper Wallet
25 entries available


Fernando Motolese
Praia Bitcoin

Vinicius Kinczel
Palavra de Satoshi

Nena Buso
Municipal School of Jericoacoara

Guest Speakers

Diego Kolling

Emile Phaneuf

Huberto Leal
Hold 100 BTC

Kgothatso Ngako*


Lucas Ferreira
Lightning Labs


Noor El Bawab
Bitcoin Beach Wallet

Mike Peterson*
Bitcoin Beach

Paco de la India*
Running with Bitcoin


Peter Turguniev

Raphael Lima
Ideias Radicais

CasaSatoshi Volunteers

Igor Sobrinho

Maicon Zeppenfeld
Satoshi Editor

Leandro Bietcoski

Lucas Leiva
Blockchain Expert

Luiz Felipe

Roberta Melo

Event Schedule

February 18 to 21 from 1pm to 6pm at the municipal school of Jericoacoara


Leandro Bietcoski, Lucas Leiva, Luiz Felipe, Paula Schmitt, Vinicius Kinczel, Fernando Motolese

VIP Workshops 02/21

Technical workshops lasting 3 hours each to learn in practice how the financial services of the next decade work and get to know the gears of the Lightning Network.

Social Activities Schedule

Not included in the ticket price

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Help us to consolidate the first Bitcoin economy in Brazil.

Frequently Asked Question

The lectures will be held on February 18, 19, 20 and 21 2023. On the 21st, Tuesday, the workshops will be held

For those who want to reach Vila de Jericoacoara, there are two options: travel to the Regional Airport of Jericoacoara (JJD), located in the neighboring city of Cruz, about 30 km from Jeri, or travel to the Pinto Martins International Airport (FOR), in Fortaleza, which it is 300km from Jeri.

Even though the Jericoacoara airport is a hand in hand and has made getting to the place much easier, the offer of flights is still not that big and therefore the prices are not so low. Arriving at Jericoacoara Regional Airport, you can take a shared or private transfer to the village or take a taxi (which transfers to a vehicle authorized to enter the village).

If you choose to travel through Fortaleza International Airport, you will have to travel by land between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara and this trip can be done in different ways.

Only Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

The places that have the machine are being registered on and can be accessed on this link:

After purchasing your ticket, request assistance from the concierge service by email to book your hotel, transfers and tours.

The services will be offered by two local Agencies, with payment only in Bitcoin.

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